What it’s like to write a book. (The good and the bad)

Writing a book. It’s hard. And it’s great. 

It’s so great because you get to bring stories and photographs of people to life and you get to share them with the world. You get to invest in something that matters and you get to use your creativity to shed light on a seeming injustice that takes place around the globe. And there’s so much excitement around the fact that people will probably buy your book (hopefully).

I thought after shooting some intricately shot photographs (in India of all places) and putting them in a book with lots of words and amazing stories would fulfill me. I thought it would make me feel like I accomplished something and that it would complete a part of my unsatisfied heart. But it’s the opposite, it doesn’t fill that innovative void inside me, it just spurs me on to do more work. And better work. Not for the sake of doing better work, but doing it to continue making a difference in someone else’s life. 

These days whenever I shoot, I tend to think about Help-Portrait. It’s a photography event, started by Jeremy Cowart, that takes place every year to essentially give back to those in need and those who have never had a photo taken of them and/or their loves ones. 

I love this because it has spurred in me this desire to use photography for the better well-being of humankind. And to draw them to a closer understanding of their purpose in this life and ultimately why they exist.


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