Wedlock sounds bad. It’s not.

Weddings have always been a weird thing for me. I don’t know why. I mean I loved getting married and I thought our wedding rocked everyone’s socks! But sometimes, there are some weird weddings with some weird traditions that just make me uncomfortable. I think this has kept me from delving into the world of wedding photography. And it’s also a lot of pressure with having a bride and groom as a client. I’ve heard some horror stories from other photographers.

On another note, it was beautiful to see my baby brother get married and experience their beautiful ceremony. I was reminded of the vows to my wife over 4 years ago now. I was also reminded that being married is not this over-complicated process of being the perfect couple with the perfect life and house and kids. Marriage should simply be a husband and wife coming together and declaring that they are helpless to make a marriage great and that they are trusting in the sovereign grace of God to keep them faithful to one another and to love each other in a way that is absolutely unconditional. 

All this to say, I shot my first wedding back in November. It was for my brother Luke and his new bride, Samantha. Here are some of the images from it! It was fun to work with them and I think the images turned out. 

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