Wedlock sounds bad. It’s not.

Weddings have always been a weird thing for me. I don’t know why. I mean I loved getting married and I thought our wedding rocked everyone’s socks! But sometimes, there are some weird weddings with some weird traditions that just make me uncomfortable. I think this has kept me from delving into the world of wedding photography. And it’s also a lot of pressure with having a bride and groom as a client. I’ve heard some horror stories from other photographers.

On another note, it was beautiful to see my baby brother get married and experience their beautiful ceremony. I was reminded of the vows to my wife over 4 years ago now. I was also reminded that being married is not this over-complicated process of being the perfect couple with the perfect life and house and kids. Marriage should simply be a husband and wife coming together and declaring that they are helpless to make a marriage great and that they are trusting in the sovereign grace of God to keep them faithful to one another and to love each other in a way that is absolutely unconditional. 

All this to say, I shot my first wedding back in November. It was for my brother Luke and his new bride, Samantha. Here are some of the images from it! It was fun to work with them and I think the images turned out. 

What it’s like to write a book. (The good and the bad)

Writing a book. It’s hard. And it’s great. 

It’s so great because you get to bring stories and photographs of people to life and you get to share them with the world. You get to invest in something that matters and you get to use your creativity to shed light on a seeming injustice that takes place around the globe. And there’s so much excitement around the fact that people will probably buy your book (hopefully).

I thought after shooting some intricately shot photographs (in India of all places) and putting them in a book with lots of words and amazing stories would fulfill me. I thought it would make me feel like I accomplished something and that it would complete a part of my unsatisfied heart. But it’s the opposite, it doesn’t fill that innovative void inside me, it just spurs me on to do more work. And better work. Not for the sake of doing better work, but doing it to continue making a difference in someone else’s life. 

These days whenever I shoot, I tend to think about Help-Portrait. It’s a photography event, started by Jeremy Cowart, that takes place every year to essentially give back to those in need and those who have never had a photo taken of them and/or their loves ones. 

I love this because it has spurred in me this desire to use photography for the better well-being of humankind. And to draw them to a closer understanding of their purpose in this life and ultimately why they exist.


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The Forest Movers project update.

Some more photos from our last few days in India! Excited to share some incredible stories with you all.

I thought the funnest part of this trip would be taking these awesome portraits and getting to create this book. But really, what turned out to be the best part was the people we met and being able to live life alongside them and hear their stories. 

2013 Help-Portrait in Greensboro, NC

We had the privilege of taking 38 portraits of men and women from a local homeless day center to come by and get their portrait taken. We served hot chocolate, did hair and make-up and gave out brand new ESV bibles and information on how to stay in touch with us after the shoot. We’ve been texting, emailing and talking on the phone now with a lot of people from the center. They are wanting prayer, needing helping finding jobs but can’t because they some have criminal records, and wanting to know more about the Bibles we gave them. Really excited to see how this event will continue to serve as a tool to reach those who are homeless in Greensboro, NC!

Impressions on the beach

This past weekend my wife and I went with some friends and family to Kure Beach in Wilmington, NC. It was too short of a trip, but it was incredibly nice to get out in the open and enjoy the sun and breeze. Took a few black and white portraits while I was there. Really happy with how they turned out.

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