About Me

I specialize in Portrait Photography and my work has been printed in various national publications.

I am currently available for portraits, fashion & editorial work.

Getting Personal

I'm a native of Rochester, New York. I spent 13 years in Central America doing mission work among the locals.

One of the main things that drives me in my artistic ventures is the desire to help people in any way I possibly can. I travel locally and internationally to visit people where they're at and hear their stories and share them with the world. Something I strive for is to grow as an artist, but also to call people through my images to see the need that exists here and around the world and to get involved and be a part of that change.

My wife is by far one of the most inspiring factors in my life. I run EVERYTHING by her. I mean everything. She listens so well to my ideas. She is incredibly supportive and encourages me and pushes me to go harder and to give more and to be a change in our community and in our city.

My daughter Sybil, she is amazing. I can't imagine our life without her. She brings so much joy and randomness into our life and makes life better than it was.


Relevant Magazine - 2011

The Foursome Clothing Co. - 2011, 2012

Desiring God Ministries - 2013


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